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She spots Ki-tae’s mother approaching, and shoves Hoon-dong unceremoniously into a dressing room. The next day Jang-mi rides her bike home, almost crashing when she sees Ki-tae’s mother talking to her mother outside, thanking her for a favor. Jang-mi and her mother head to their restaurant, where Jang-mi is informed that she’ll be helping Ki-tae’s family with his grandfather’s memorial. Jang-mi protests but Mom says she should start racking up brownie points as early as possible. In desperation, Jang-mi tells her parents the truth that she’s not really marrying Ki-tae, but they think she’s lying to get out of helping. Their identical glares of disbelief are a riot.

That tells me, that he cared about her as a friend, wanted to make sure she was ok, and try to keep the friendship going in spite of his feelings. I also saw a mutual consent when they slept together, nobody forced her to do anything she didn’t want to. By no means was she ready for another relationship…especially with JH as he is her best and closest friend.

Marriage Not Dating 13 Preview

I do like that his character isn’t the typical drama jerk. Because of Yeon Woo-jin, I will continue to watch this one. Jang-Mi is a heroine that could only exist on cable I think – cannot really imagine some of the scenes from 3,4,5 showing up on SBS or MBC. If nothing else, they would upset a lot of the old school ajumas watching. Each episode seems to uncover more layers of each person, they are not just static robots playing roles that never change. Every episode the mom gets revealed more and more, and with each episode she seems more vulnerable.

This already happened in a previous episode (I forget which…that episode where Yeo-rum’s parents visits the set) where you could visibly see the overhead microphones in some scenes. During the drama at the balcony they did not even bother to hide the safety harnesses for the two actresses. So Lee Da Hee’s „fall” is even more ridiculous in this context that there’s already a harness LOL they should fire everyone involved in the production. Also, the only one of the guys I think would actually be sleazy enough to sleep with her is the start-up guy.


He asks where she is and she yells at him for playing with people. He screams back that she’s still the same; making messes everywhere she goes. He tells her to stay put since he’s on his way.

He should have been kick to the curb a long time ago and get a good divorce lawyer. Sure, the second leads are annoying as hell in the previous episodes. To me, she’s just an extra, useless character that added no meaning to the show AT ALL. I was initially confused at the end of this episode because I just assumed they would date, and it never occurred to me that Ki-tae would want to marry soon.

I am a little late to the party but I thoroughly enjoyed marathoning the first few episodes. Han Groo is such a hoot and she has some of the best crazy-eyes I have seen in Kdrama heroines. Yeon Woo Jin (or as I call him „Korea’s Seth Macfarlane”, well I think he kinda looks like him) doesn’t seem like your typical jerk hero, he’s just trying to hang on to that bachelor life. Jin Woon is trouble with a capital T.

Jang Mi and the blogger bond over some drinks. They’re both slightly drunk and Jang Mi agrees with the blogger that Gi Tae did wrong so the blogger asks why Jang Mi’s making excuses for him then. Jang Mi knows that she’s not in a position to worry about others but she keeps getting haunted by memories of him so she can’t leave him alone. As grandma and aunt eat, grandma says that she thinks Gi Tae still hasn’t forgotten Jang Mi yet.

His stares throughout the show…(I melt!). And in defense of YR’s ambiguous attitude…she’s been burned (Twice!), very unhappy with her work situation, pressured by her parents to get married, then cancelling the wedding! Random gym date with gym guy and lawyer girl…what was that supposed to be about? I get what he was saying to Lawyer girl and was showing her not only his physical strength but his pull-up-your-bootstraps type of guy he is.

The fact that he did all those things is just his way of showing love and concern to the ones he care for. It may not be super romantic, but that just makes him, him. Well, Jang-mi took the words right out of my mouth – their wedding was so perfectly “them! ” It wouldn’t have felt right if it had gone off without a hitch, because their relationship was always full of fights and drama.

He obviously has other plans in mind until he looks at the room and realizes that Jang Mi is about to do the very thing he fears the most, ask him to get married. Of course he does what any mature man would do in that situation, he hides in the bathroom and calls Gi Tae for help. 7 – this reminded me of Marriage Not Dating party posters, minus the humorous angle of guys looking rather unhappy in contrast to overly excited ladies – here everyone seems to have fun. Hope it stays the same in the show too. From the group above Nos. 3 and 7 will be on my watchlist. In regards to No. 3, DOCTOR ROMANTIC 3, having not watched 2 probably would not matter.

I mean, I know Koreans don’t like round faces, but she’s really pretty. Also the face he makes when she likes his food! I just want him to grow a pair, acknowledge that she’s as cute as a button, and just cook for her forever. And come on now who did Chae Ri asked to sleep with her?!!? They made her look frumpy and out of place to subconsciously make you feel bad for her. WE NEED A JI WAN – CHEF JOHN JANG SPIN OFF SHOW!!!