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Since debuting in the WWE in 1999, Lita has had on-screen relationships with Essa Rios, Christian, Kane and most notably, Matt Hardy and Edge. Melina and John Morrison were not only paired together on television, but they were also a couple in real life. Although this was common knowledge, it didn’t stop Melina from shopping around, and apparently, just about everyone knew about it too.

On the April 22 episode of SmackDown, Edge interrupted Alberto Del Rio’s mock retirement party for him. At Extreme Rules on May 1, Edge helped his friend Christian to win the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. On the September 16 episode of SmackDown, in his hometown of Toronto, Edge hosted The Cutting Edge between Mark Henry and Match.com the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. After the show went off the air, they held Edge Appreciation Night to celebrate his career. On November 18, at Survivor Series, Edge made his return, interfering in a World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell match between Batista and The Undertaker, helping Batista win the match.

A Sports Illustrated article in August 2007 named Copeland as one of 10 wrestlers who were found to have purchased steroids and other drugs from an online pharmacy in violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness program. He was said to have received the growth hormones somatropin and genotropin, as well as the steroid stanozolol, between September 2004 and February 2007. WWE Studios released Bending the Rules, in which Copeland starred, in 2012. WWE released the official trailer of the film on the February 28, 2012 episode of Raw. The 2012 documentary, You Think You Know Me – The Story of Edge, includes a look at Copeland’s life and career in pro wrestling.

Their bizarre on-screen relationship only became less strange when we learned they were actually a couple in real life too. Then the whole thing seemed like the pair were just having a lot of fun. There’s nothing wrong with a storyline featuring a pregnant pensioner. That said, when the end results are said pensioner giving birth to a prosthetic hand, it’s hard to think of anything stranger than that. But anything is possible in the wacky world of WWE and, as we’ve discussed already, they’ve had a lot of bewildering ideas in their time. If this angle didn’t culminate with this scenario, it wouldn’t have been too awful.

The next night on Raw, Edge appeared to gloat that two of the top championships were on SmackDown, as WWE Champion Triple H was drafted to SmackDown in the WWE draft earlier that week. A vengeful Batista then appeared and incapacitated Edge with the Batista Bomb. Just as Batista was leaving, CM Punk ran to the ring carrying his Money in the Bank briefcase, with referee in tow, who then cashed in the briefcase. Edge, who was still knocked down from the attack by Batista, was easily pinned by Punk after a Go To Sleep, losing the World Heavyweight Championship in the process.

Back in 2018, she launched a three-episode series on ASY TV where she visits UFO hotspots Roswell, Santa Fe and Sedona, Arizona in the hope of understanding the alien/UFO phenomenon further. After the Rumble Lita made a shocking return to RAW and laid down a challenge for Becky Lynch for a match at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia on February 19th. So in the lead up to her first title match since 2006, here are 5 things you don’t know about Lita. The match at SummerSlam has often been criticized due to the fact that Hardy came into the match on fire, yet he lost the bout very quickly, with Edge busting him open and the referee stopping the bout.


At the Royal Rumble, Edge competed in the 30-man Royal Rumble match on January 19, 2003, where he had three eliminations before getting eliminated by Chris Jericho. Edge then teamed up with Chris Benoit, facing Team Angle in a series of singles and tag team matches. Prior to No Way Out, Edge suffered a legitimate neck injury, rendering him unable to compete in his scheduled match.

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The storyline truly blurred the lines between real life and kayfabe and it seems Lita is still feeling the effects of it to this day. For context, WWE Hall Of Famer Lita was Matt Hardy’s girlfriend in real life, and she cheated on him with Edge. WWE capitalized on the opportunity and made it into a storyline back in 2005. A lot of fans still argue that it shouldn’t have been integrated into WWE. The storyline obscured the divisions between real life and kayfabe. This was all during the time that Lita’s real-life relationship with Matt Hardy was coming to an end, and her affair with Edge was turning into a relationship.

It wasn’t long before Lita was getting significantly louder cheers than Essa Rios ever would in America, so WWE made the decision to have Rios dump her after less than four months together. Lita moved on to an alliance with The Hardy Boyz, which ultimately lead to a real life romance blossoming between Lita and Matt Hardy. Coincidentally, it was allegedly around the time the storyline with Malenko began that Lita and Matt started taking their friendship to a romantic level. Lita and Matt would spend the next four years together, though their on screen characters would take many sabbaticals apart over that time, the longest occurring when Lita broke her neck in 2002. The other Bloodline feud sees the Usos defending the WWE unified tag team championships against longtime in-ring rivals and partners Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens . At Elimination Chamber on February 21, Edge attacked WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with the spear, making his decision to face him at WrestleMania 37.

How many kids does edge and Beth have?

Regardless of these personal accomplishments, it seems the thing about Lita fans find most interesting is her relationship history, particularly the fact she’s dated a few more wrestlers than the average WWE Diva. As part of the storyline angle, Rated-RKO attacked Ric Flair with steel chairs to enrage DX on the November 27 episode of Raw. At New Year’s Revolution on January 7, 2007, Rated-RKO defended the World Tag Team Championship against DX, but the match was declared a no-contest when Triple H suffered a legitimate injury during the match.

This saw him enter into a feud with the anonymous Raw General Manager, during which the general manager cost him several matches. At Night of Champions on September 19, Edge participated in a six-pack elimination challenge for the WWE Championship, but once again failed to win the title. He pinned Triple H to become the WWE Champion for the third time in his career. After a successful defense against Jeff Hardy at Judgment Day on May 17, he lost the title to Hardy at Extreme Rules on June 7 in a ladder match. While Hardy was celebrating, CM Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank and defeated Hardy to win the World Heavyweight Championship. The following night on Raw, Guerrero resigned as the Raw General Manager due to being humiliated, and Edge came out to apologize.

On July 3, Edge suffered a torn Achilles tendon while competing at a live event in San Diego in a match against Jeff Hardy, and later underwent surgery. It was reported that he could be out of action for up to a year. During Edge’s absence, Jericho replaced him with Big Show (forming Jeri-Show) and Jericho began to speak badly of Edge, mocking him for his injury. On the July 4 episode of SmackDown, Edge took his frustrations out on Vickie because he lost the title and told her the wedding was off. The following week, however, after Guerrero saved Edge from a con-chair-to by The Big Show, Edge re-proposed, and the wedding was back on.