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Miz said that he pretty much liked all the contestants a lot on his stream afterwards. The best RP content is when Rob is having fun with it. If shit gets stale for him it generally feels like that on stream too. I don’t mind when things get changed up as a result. The fact it was so successful, with so many regulars unavailable, shows how strong the lobby is.

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The founder of OTK gaming revealed how both streamers were struggling to get by and would require some time to get back to streaming. In a September 14 tweet, Mizkif shared a TwitLonger with fans that revealed his relationship with streamer and conservationist Maya Higa had ended. The two have broken up and both Mizkif and Maya wanted to tell the streaming community and their fans the reason behind the decision.


Despite and Maya saying that the breakup was mutual, fans have continued to speculate as to the exact reasons behind the split. Some felt that Mizkif had grown “too close” to controversial streamer Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon, and that this might have driven a wedge between Mizkif and Maya. This dating speculation came after Emiru moved to OTK gaming house in Austin, Texas, as a content creator after her contract with Cloud9 expired.

Some people planned to stream, but the streams were random as you said, cuz that’s what they were. If anything, I just think it’s cool we got some of the smaller streamers get their few hours of fame for streaming gatorcon from their POV. S0ra, DJ, Veronica, Crumpet, Haydtt and Novaruu have all streamed segments here and there if you’re interested in watching their VODs, some of them will most likely re-stream today as well.

In November 2021, Higa began to co-host the Wine About It podcast alongside her friend and fellow Twitch streamer, QTCinderella. Wine About It went on hiatus in September 2022 after Higa announced her “indefinite” break from online content creation. Based on her recent inactivity on this social media platform, Emily might have been focused on different aspects of her career instead. Paparazzi spotted Emily with Connor Keating, who is a social media personality and a BMX rider, in early 2017. Shortly after, the couple admitted they were dating, although their relationship didn’t last long.

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For a time, it seemed like the relationship might be meant to last, but in September 2021, Mizkif announced their breakup on Twitter. The two Twitch streamers assured fans that there were no hard feelings and they simply decided to go separate ways, bringing a major Twitch relationship to a peaceful end. He is searching for a career in acting and modeling.

Earlier this year, Mizkif took on the responsibility of going through her unban requests. The stream was absolutely hilarious and fans loved how protective he was of the 25-year-old streamer. Naturally, fans started speculating that the two had feelings for each other. Pokimane shared an Instagram story revealing how Mizkif picked her up in an expensive McLaren supercar. The video, which has now gone viral, has left fans wondering if there’s something going on between the two popular Twitch streamers.

The fact that he said he enjoyed himself, reviewed it on his stream and he said he wanted to do more vrchat/vr stuff is huge in general, dispite having new contestants this time around. Even if the regular RPers were there, we would be getting the same results. The VRchat RP was why I started watching Rob and it continues to be my favorite content. Date night is quickly becoming just as good though. Not a fan of the super serious stuff so I don’t watch other RPer groups. Not a fan of GTA RP simply because I don’t like GTA that much period.

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This stream was amazing but I feel that with just a couple of adjustments, it could have been legendary instead. After enjoying his time playing Cupid, Miz also flirted with the idea of helping others find love by hosting a dating show. Browse Photos Search our large member base with ease, with a range of preferences and settings.Start Communicating Send a message or interest to start communicating with members. Rinaudo was the third most watched Twitch streamer in 2020 during the U.S. Miz knows damn well Emi would lose a chunk of her viewersbase if they don’t think she’s single. Both streamers have kept everything under wraps and everything remains conjectured until either of the two streamers shares an official word.

It was great those people got a chance to show off. I also like seeing Rob introduce people to VRC for the first time, but I don’t think it adds much for date night. Rob wanted to take one more day off in his week a while ago and ended up cutting our second RP night of the week.

Don’t have a strong feeling either way on Soda being there, if he’s there he’s always good for some laughs. If not, the stream will be just as great. I’m the head coach for Fnatics Overwatch team and I’m here to tell you guys about the GT83 gaming laptop from MSI. Some of the features of this 18-inch beast are two GTX 1080 graphics cards an i HQ and it’s also the only laptop VR are certified by HTC Vive, Nvidia, and Intel. I am super interested to see how this thing runs Overwatch.