Can A Relationship With Different Values Ever Work Out?

I would have never thought in a million years that I would be attracted to a man that is 320 lbs. At first when we became friends, I felt it was a safe bet and I wouldn’t get sucked in. It was nice to have a male friend to have fun with and know it wouldn’t go any further.

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Bringing up the value conversation may not be the easiest thing to do in a relationship, but it certainly doesn’t have to be difficult. Prioritizing open and honest communication, while agreeing to compromise in situations that call for it are easy ways to scale through this hurdle early in the relationship. Speaking about heavy topics like money, sexual compatibility, or life goals can be tricky to navigate. While speaking openly and honestly about your values is important in a relationship, this talk doesn’t have to happen right off the bat when mention of feelings is first made. Another value in this area that you might want to discuss is personal goals.

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Going into a new relationship can oftentimes be a bit intimidating, but when you are both committed to each other, opinions seem to matter that much less. Talk with your partner about your fears over topics such as stereotyping or conflict. Make sure that you both communicate through any incidents that may occur with family or friends. Voice any hurts and be sure to stay honest with your partner if something makes you uncomfortable.

He was always trying to get this and get that but didn’t have a pocket to piss in nor a window to throw it out off. And he was trying to get his USE out of ME By telling me he needed this paid and that paid… I could not have sex withhim unless I paid a bill or something. Its been 30 days or so now since our breakup and NC and I’m well on my way to 30 more days. Last week my phone was flooding with calls from numbers that I could only identify during our previous short breakup cycles. He must not be too sure of himself that I am done with him so he has others to even call and ask for the wrong person.

She might try hard to find the right balance between her personal and professional lives. Even if you do not make your best friend your life partner, ensure that you can share whatever you feel like with them. You must be aware of having someone in your life, who has the habit of holding grudges very easily. When you or your partner has this habit, it is enough to ruin your romantic relationship. You and your partner should trust one another with everything you have got. You must have the confidence that they will offer their support, you will stay by their side through thick and thin and if children are involved as well, their well-being must be your top priority.

And it shouldn’t necessarily be an area where you try to compromise, either. Not only does it lead to arguments, but it’s also often a sign a couple doesn’t share the same values or belief system. Arguments about values will be some of the most intense you experience because of the strength of each of your positions. So it’s important that you can both fight fair and treat each other with respect during these moments of tension. A relationship where one person is open-minded stands a better chance of overcoming different values than one where each person is resolute in their stance.

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For example, if you’re someone who needs words of affirmation to feel secure in your relationship, it may be hard to be with someone who has trouble putting their feelings into words. Or, if your partner needs gifts to feel loved in relationships and you never think to give your partner presents or tokens of appreciation, then it could lead to miscommunications down the road. Whatever you decide, working with a couples therapist can help you and your partner navigate your emotions about the situation. If you’re ready to get help with different values in a relationship, contact Couples Learn to explore our online couples therapy services or book a free 30-minute consultation to get started.

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Rather than helping you connect and make a good impression, your efforts will most likely backfire. If you aren’t genuinely interested in your date, there is little point in pursuing the relationship further. From a family with similar values to yours, rather than someone from a specific ethnic or social background. When you start to feel overwhelmed, this exercise can help you quickly rein in stress. Now I’m not saying to turn a blind eye, but if you know your significant other is a man of integrity and not one to commit suspicious activities, do not let your assumptions run rampant. Unless there is probable cause and solid evidence, do not make accusations that can cause toxicity in the relationship.

You need to have a few relationship experiences to figure out what YOUR values are. I have to admit, with the last two relationships, I got sucked in..because I didn’t know myself enough and was allowing myself to be guided by…hmmm..shall we say..the devil himself. At least with the relationship previous to this last one. That is a refined way saying…..No Booty calls buddy…. WOuld this become an obstacle in my marriage because I put so much emphasis on my preference? Does this mean that I have switched… or better said… I have an innate primary value for this particular physical preference or have I just placed it because of past life experiences?.

What if you’ve found a partner who you love want to spend your life with, but some of your values don’t totally align? Erika Ettin, dating coach and founder of A Little Nudge, tells Elite Daily that’s not necessarily the case. “Shared values and communication are probably the most important aspects of a relationship. But, people’s hierarchy of values can differ,” she explains.