6 Reasons to Skip the HRIS RFP When Purchasing HR & Payroll Software

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Centralize core HR, benefits, payroll, and time & attendance into one easy-to-use software. If you’re looking for an HRIS provider, SentricHR could be the right one for your business. To learn more about our all-in-one solution, reach out to one of our product experts. Streamlined talent management to attract, develop, and empower employees every step of the way. Because of all the work that went into the RFP and the team’s broad involvement in the vendor presentations, the KIPP LA team was generally aligned when it came time to select a vendor. The biggest tension was when one functional area had to trade off better functionality in their area for the greater good.

What does HRIS stand for?

A human resources information system (HRIS) is a software solution that maintains, manages, and processes detailed employee information and human resources-related policies and procedures.

It’s also useful to include a feedback system so you can seamlessly gather everyone’s thoughts. In the same way, you can’t expect vendors to send a detailed response without first giving them a lot of details to respond to. You’re drawing a picture, and you want the vendors to guess it correctly. If your object is a grand piano, scratching out a couple lines and curves won’t give the vendors enough info (and unlike Pictionary, wild guesses are a no-no). You need to include the keys, strings, pedals and every other part of the piano to make it obvious.

Reasons to Skip the HRIS RFP When Purchasing HR and Payroll Software

If your company is looking for a HRIS, we can help you find the right vendor. Our HR software match pagehas a tool that matches your needs with the features offered by the vendor. While details are important, it’s not a good idea to dictate in the RFP how you want the vendor to do something.


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A vision for the solution

At paperdue.com, we Hris Rfp students the tools they need to streamline their studying, researching, and writing tasks. The response may be submitted in Word, but key points must also be provided in Excel format so that individual responses from bidders may be compared. One team member noted how important it was to have the IT team for internal support and Namely for external support as team members familiarized themselves with the product.

human resources

To make the RFP as easy to understand as possible, make sure all questions are located in the same section of the RFP. That way, the vendor can more easily respond to all questions and won’t risk missing any because. Even if you provide instructions for where to find all of the questions throughout the document, it’s still better to write them all in one part of the document in the first place. Vendors will be more confident they’ve addressed all of your questions and the responses will also be easier for your company to read and understand.

Six Lessons Learned in Running an RFP and Selecting a New HRIS

This is not for a lack of trying to document the requirements up front, but simply that getting into the details is not an easy process. Consider all the opinions, needs and wants of the various team members (e.g. executives, department leaders, the various HR team members, etc.) and each of these having different priorities. It is my opinion that you simply cannot define all your requirements and processes in an RFP upfront—they will change as you learn about each vendor’s product and implementation methodology.

  • Automated expense management makes it easier to track spend, issue approvals, and reimburse employees.
  • KIPP LA believes the lessons it learned selecting an HRIS vendor are broadly applicable to any major ERP software selection process.
  • Clear detail at this stage prevents misunderstandings later on and – worst case scenario – purchasing the wrong system for your business.
  • The select pages included from the RFP show high-level views of the process maps and specific questions KIPP LA wants vendors to address.
  • This sample HRIS RFP seeks a consultant to manage the selection and implementation of a new HR system.
  • HRIS support planning, administration, decision-making, and control.